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Download Zoom and Microsoft Teams Broward College backgrounds to be used when displaying your video in a conference call.
So you are having trouble connecting to Zoom? This article will go through the methods you can connect to Zoom. The preferred method is always using D2L, as it is the easiest method. Using the Zoom desktop and mobile app directly will require you to follow specific instructions listed in this article.
Accessing Zoom from OneAccess
Other helpful hints with Zoom. Here you will find miscellaneous answers to common Zoom questions.
Broward College Zoom Login Video
How do I log into the Zoom application on my computer
How to access Zoom from Broward College One Access.
Please review this video for a quick tutorial on how to access Zoom from Desire2Learn (D2L) so you can attend a class.
Changing my Zoom profile picture
Zoom video tutorials
How to install Zoom outlook plugin and desktop application.
Zoom Outlook Plugin and Desktop application
Changing your Zoom background