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So you are having issues connecting to Zoom? Please follow this article and we will help you get connected.

You can log in through the Zoom desktop and mobile app (assuming you have downloaded the app), through Broward College One Access and through D2L. All methods will work, however, students are encouraged to always join classes by using D2L. 

To join your class Zoom session using D2L:

  1. Login to D2L via Broward College One Access.
  2. Open your Course from the My Courses section.
  3. Click on Communication on the top menu of your course and select Zoom. Your instructor will have all class Zoom sessions listed in there. Just click the correct session and you will be logged in automatically to your Zoom session.

If you decided that you would like to use the desktop or mobile app to log in to Zoom and access your class, then follow these steps:

  1. Open the Zoom app (or program) on your device (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS device).
  2. If you see a screen like the one below, click Sign In with SSO. On the Sign In with SSO screen, enter broward-edu, then click Continue. You may not see these screens and instead go directly to One Access (step 3 below). That's okay.

  3. You'll be taken to the familiar One Access login screen, where you enter your e-mail address and associated password, and your multi-factor authentication method (questions or OneLogin Proctect App).
  4. You may need the Zoom invitation or other meeting information to Join. You need to obtain this from your instructor. As mentioned, the preferred method of joining is using D2L where all meetings will be available. 

Ok so that was not helpful? No problem, we have some videos for you.

If you are still having issues logging in, please follow the below two videos that walk you through the two methods we just discussed:

Connecting to Zoom using D2L:

Connecting to Zoom using the Desktop and Mobile App:

Ok so that was still not helpful? Don't worry, you can contact our expert Information Technology team which can help you.

Please submit a Zoom Assistance Request and a technician will work with you to help you through your Zoom access issue.

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