Services A-Z (166)


Account information missing or incorrect (Outlook and Workday)

Accounts Payable

Accounts Receivable

Add New High School Exit Code

Add New Post Secondary Institution

Add New Secondary Institution (High School)

Add or update Photo in Teams and Outlook

Approve New Software Request

Approved Hardware Install Request

Approved New Hardware Request

Approved Software Install Request



BC Navigate - Employee Access

BC Navigate - Employee Issues

BC Navigate - Student

BC Online Incident

Benefits Issue

Blackboard Contact Center Integrations Support

Broward College OneAccess

Budget Prep Assistance (Adaptive)

Budget Related Process Assistance



CID Applications

CID MyBC and Broward Connect

CID Request for New Division/Department Code

CID Scheduling Request

CollegeNET 25Live Support

Compensation Assistance

Course Development and Managment

Credit and Collections

Crosswalk Requests and Approval Path Issue

Curriculum Services


Dashboard - Change to Existing Dashboard

Dashboard - New Request

Dashboard - Problem

Dashboard Reports

Degree Audit Troubleshooting

Duplicate Evaluated Transcript

Dynamic Forms - Login issue

Dynamic Forms - Login Issue

Dynamic Forms - New Organization or Modification Request

Dynamic Forms - Technical Support

Dynamic Forms Support


E-mail - Inaccurate Information in Address Book

E-mail - Report an Issue

E-Mail - Request a Distribution Group or Add/Remove People

E-Mail - Request Group Account

Email - Signature Assistance Request

E-Mail / Calendars - General Service Request

Employee - Pick Up or Return BC Device(s)

Employee Name Change

End User Features and Functionality


Faculty Credentialing

Faculty Credentialing Access

Finance Reports

Forward my telephone/extension


Grants Accounting


Hardware Issue

Honorlock Proctoring Inquiry

HR Records Issue

HR Recruiting Assistance

HR Reports Assistance


I'm Missing a Class in D2L

Image Director Issue

Institute of Public Safety (IPS)

Instructor/Facilitator Features and Functionality


LinkedIn Login Issues

Login or Account Assistance


Microsoft Teams

My Class Is Missing In D2L



Netsearch / Unisearch Access Issue

Netsearch/Unisearch Access

Network Issues


Office 2019 Approval

Order Pre-Paid Printing Cards

Order Toshiba Printer Supplies

Other Programs and Applications

Outlook - Backup or Load .PST File

Outlook - Request Resource Calendar


Payroll Issue

Payroll Report Request

Performance Management Assistance

Phishing, Spam, or Malicious Emails

Power BI Access

Power BI Issue or Software Updates

Procurement and Suppliers

Public Websites

Purchase and Travel Card Issuance

Purchase or Travel Card Reconciliation


Relocate or Reassign Computer/Device

Remote Access

Remote Learning Hardware and Peripheral Request

Repair or Voice Mail Assistance

Report a Software or Hardware Issue

Report a myBC Issue

Report a myWork Issue

Report a Non-Urgent Classroom Issue

Report a Non-Urgent Conference Room Issue (Meeting Not In Session)

Report a Toshiba Multi-function Device Issue

Report a Website Issue

Report an HP Printer Issue

Report an Urgent Classroom Issue

Report an Urgent Conference Room Issue (Meeting in Session)

Request a Change, New Enhancements or Functionality In CID

Request a Classroom Service

Request a New Session

Request a Zoom Webinar License

Request Access to Image Director

Request Access to Sendgrid

Request an Addition or Change

Request Dial-in phone number for my Skype for Business Account

Request Evaluation of 3000 Level Course with Approved Sub/Waiver.

Request for Audio/Visual,Tech Support or Services for Event

Request for Detect Job

Request Historic Record Lookup

Request Manual Graduation

Request Manual Graduation for International Partners

Request move from Skype based phone

Request PC Re-Image Authorization

Request Quote to Purchase Technology

Request Transcript Evaluation

Request Virtual Event Support

Request Zoom Assistance

Request Zoom Assistance

Request Zoom Assistance

Research and Information Request

Retired & Emeritus Standing Request


Sammy Seahawk Chatbot Error

SAS Enterprise Guide - Access

SAS Enterprise Guide - Problem

SAS Job/Scheduler - Problem

SAS Portal - Access

SAS Portal - Problem

Seahawk Print

Seahawk Student Admissions

Seahawk Student Records

Seahawk Student Recruiting

Service Request - D2L and Learning Technology

Skype for Business - Inaccurate Information listed in Skype Contact List

Skype for Business/ Lync - Request Assistance/Equipment


Softphone SP350 Request

Software Issue

Software Request for Classroom

SQL Assistance

State and Federal Reporting Assistance

Student Software Request

Supervisory Organization Assistance


Talent Business Partner Issue

Talent Management Assistance


Technical Assistance - D2L and Learning Technology

Technical Assistance with D2L

Travel Accounting



Wireless Access Issue

Workday Learning Service Request


XMedius eFax Requests