Broward College OneAccess

Service Description

What is Broward College OneAccess?

Broward College OneAccess (BC OneAccess) is a cloud identity platform (IDP) in which Broward College users would only need to enter one set of credentials to access all of their web apps and services within the cloud. BC OneAccess was implemented for the purpose of minimizing the number of credentials and maximizing our security for users while accessing various college resources. The secured Broward College One Access portal will also provide off-campus access to some on-campus tools when working remotely, tools like: CID, Workday, E-Mail and more. As a large enterprise, Broward College needed a platform that was optimized for education to automate and streamline the identity process for our staff, students, and alumni, while securing their identity.

How do I access Broward College OneAccess (BC OneAccess) ?

BC OneAccess is available to all college users and can be accessed by visiting, then click on Login, or by visiting directly.

Standard Features

Our agents can help with the following:

  • Login Issues with BC OneAccess

Optional Features

Self-service options: Knowledge Base

Service Audience 

Faculty, Staff

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