Account Consolidation - Re-associate your Zoom account with a personal e-mail address

Broward College has purchased an Enterprise License Agreement with Zoom. This means that all employees can now use Zoom with a full license. During the migration process into our account, we have identified that many employees at the College had already created a Zoom account externally. For those employees that created a Zoom account using their email address, a special account consolidation process needs to happen. 

If the employee signs-in to Zoom as they normally do, they may receive an Update Account Information screen. Please follow the steps below to understand what this is and what you should do.

You will have two options, please read carefully as this action cannot be reversed:

  • Option 1.     Consolidate into Account –Select this option if you are using your current Zoom account for College business. Your Zoom account, upcoming meetings and recordings will move to the college enterprise  Zoom environment.
  • Option 2.     Update Email AddressSelect this option if you are using your current Zoom account for personal use and would like to create a new account to use within the Broward College Zoom environment.You will need to have a personal email address to keep using your current Zoom account for personal use.

Note: if you select option 2, to keep the personal Zoom account, any subscription payments will not change.



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Tue 8/4/20 8:56 AM
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