How to add a new VPN address

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This article is directed toward those who have already been approved for VPN access AND already has Global Protect Client installed, but is missing either the VPN.BROWARD.EDU or SECUREVPN.BROWARD.EDU connections. 

If you need the VPN client installed, please reference article:

If you need to request for VPN access, please reference this url:

Your VPN Client, Global Protect should have two connections visable, and


If you are missing one of these connections, please select "Manage Portals"


Select "Add"


Type in the missing profile you need, Either or

Select "Save" and close the GlobalProtect Settings. You should be able to select which client you want to use now. Please remember these rules when selecting which connection to use: - This connection is to be used when you cannot trust the network your connected to. Examples: public wifi, coffee shop wireless, etc.. - This connection is to be used when you have confidence in the network your connected to. Examples:Home network


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