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Use this form to request that your meeting invitations have a dial-in phone number. By default all Skype for Business accounts are provisioned with the ability to host meetings, but not with a dial-in phone number.

Use this form to request your phone be moved from Skype for Business based phone to an NEC phone

To request modifications to an existing eFax (electronic fax) account or request a new account.

Faculty, Administration and Staff please use this service to forward your NEC phone extension. Managers can upload an excel sheet to provide a bulk forwarding request if needed. Instructions are also available for forwarding if you are physically at your NEC phone.

Request Extension or Name Change on the phone Only

Request the installation and license for the NEC SP350 softphone.

Report Telephone Issues or request Voice Mail Assisitance.

Request an ACD group created or to have a phone programmed to be used in an ACD group.

Request an ACD log in ID or to cancel and ID.

Request for code to allow calling outside of 954 area code.

Request new or upgraded phone equipment

Request to move existing telephone and line from one location to another location.