My Recently Visited Services

Request access to MinuteTraq / IQM2

Request for some type of service or a general inquiry.

Request Extension or Name Change on the phone Only

CID Access Request for Employees. This form should be used by all departments, including Admissions and Registration.

Report an issue with the website when something is broken

Set up an appointment to return or pick up BC device(s).

Support with existing software currently installed on a workstation

If you know your class is supposed to be listed in D2L, but is not available, you can notify us of the issue.

Assistance with Broward One Access for D2L, Outlook Email, myBC and Office 365.

Report an issue with your employee e-mail.

Request Assistance with Chrome, Microsoft Edge and/or Firefox web browser.

Request a manual graduation for an international partner who has satisfied graduation requirements for a previous term.

Technical assistance for D2L and supported learning technologies.

Limited support for other applications may be provided or referred to other service providers.

Request technical assistance for D2L-related incidents, service interruptions, or system errors.

Use this form to report issues with Accounts Receivable (A/R) transactions

To report an issue with BC Navigate

Assistance with your Student email

Set up an appointment to return or pick up a BC loaner laptop.

Use this form to report Purchase or Travel Card Reconciliation issues there is another form to report card issuance issues

Problems with your account, such as password problems, username problems, login problems, etc.

Faculty, Administration and Staff please use this service to forward your NEC phone extension. Managers can upload an excel sheet to provide a bulk forwarding request if needed. Instructions are also available for forwarding if you are physically at your NEC phone.