D2L Email - Not Authorized Error

You may receive an "Internal Error" or "Not Authorized" error message when attempting to access or send an email, instant message, or chat in D2L. This means you have a quiz or exam in-progress and have not successfully submitted it. Communication tools are disabled during a quiz so you will not be interrupted during the quiz and to deter collaboration.

To quickly identify which quiz is in-progress:

  • Click on the Message Alerts icon in Minibar to determine the name of the quiz.
  • Click on the email icon link in the top right-hand corner of the page.
    A notice will read, "You must complete the following quizzes for alerts to be enabled:".
  • Click on the quiz link to go to the course.
  • Click on the quiz that is in-progress.
  • Click Continue quiz, then submit the quiz.
  • Your email access will now be available.
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