Changing my password when working fully remote.

If you are working remotely on a Broward College Laptop or Desktop, please do not change your password via Broward College One Access. You will need to follow these steps to ensure your Laptop or Desktop synchronizes the password correctly. 

1. Connect to the Global Protect VPN client. Go to your taskbar, find the Global Protect Application 

Note: If you do not have VPN installed on your Broward College Laptop or Desktop you took to your remote location, you can request it by submitting this service request:

2. Click on the application and you will then have the ability to CONNECT. Click on the Connect.

3. You will need to use your current password to connect. Once you have connected successfully, you will now proceed to change your password.

4. On your keyboard hit CTRL - ALT - DEL together. 

5. Once you hit the CTRL - ALT - DEL a new screen will appear. On that screen you will select "Change Password"

6. You will now be presented with a screen to input your current password and then you will be able to create a new password.

7. If you have trouble changing your password because it did not meet the policy requirements, please view this article to ensure you are using the right password complexity:

8. Once you successfully change your password, it may take your computer a little time to ensure it is updated throughout all systems like One Access. Allowing 5 minutes before logging into any other systems has proved to be helpful. 

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