Creating Attendance Registers in D2L

Creating Attendance Registers in D2L

Attendance registers are entries that you create to track attendance for activities in your course. You can create attendance registers to track attendance for mandatory chat sessions, weekly seminars, or class meetings. Use registers to define the sessions, attendance expectations, and applicable users and enter data as you complete each session.

What are the basics of Attendance?

The Attendance tool enables you to create registers that track attendance for activities within your organization or course. You can track attendance for any number of activities and customize your registers to suit your needs.

Use the Attendance tool to create sessions to track attendance and define attendance statuses for your activities. You can assign grades for user attendance, view attendance results, and track users that have poor attendance.

How attendance is calculated

The % Attendance field is calculated by adding the total assigned % for each status and then dividing it by the number of statuses that have an assigned %. This is represented using the following illustrated formula:

Sum of Assigned % / Total of statuses with an Assigned % x 100

Directions for creating a New Register

1. Log into and enter your BC username and password if prompted.
2. Log into your course.
3. On your course navigation bar, click on Tools and select Attendance.

4. Click on New Register.
5. Give the new register a name, description, scheme, cause for concern percentage and the visibility settings.
6. Select the User options.
7. An option to add additional sessions is available.
8. Click Save.

Mark attendance for your course

1. Click on the session or day from your Register page.

2. Click on the icon to mark your attendance data.
3. Use the drop down to select your students’ status.
4. Click on Save.



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