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Please use this Knowledge Base article for TECHNOLOGY information required during the COVD-19 situation. We have information on how to request assistance, tutorials on using our applications and more.
This article will help students get started with their Broward College e-mail accounts.
Steps to download Microsoft Office as an Student from - Students can install 5 times, and license is good as long as user Is actively registered for classes at Broward College.
Student Overview of BC Navigate
When doing a search for prospects, applicants, or students, use the Find Student Prospects task.
The purpose of this job aid is to view the various Student Tags. Student Tags do not stop the process for admissions. They can become a student, yet still have tags to be resolved.
Test scores are used for placement in various courses and programs. Test scores will automatically upload back and forth – CID and Seahawk Student. If a student presents their scores that are not yet in Seahawk Student, verify and add the test scores.
Once you have the Student Emails created and approved, you can add them to an Engagement Plan. In order to create an engagement plan, you will first need to Create Student Email, Create an Audience, and Create Custom Report.
Student emails are used in Engagement Plans, Recruiting Events, action items, and the student external site (VPS). In order to use this email, please add it to one of those items. Seahawk Student ensures that recipients receive the same email only once, even if it’s associated with more than one engagement plan or recruiting event.
As part of the Create Student Engagement Plan task, you can narrow the audience of whom the engagement plan goes to by using the task Create Student Audience. Rather than using the entire Student population, we can use “Audience” to filter who to target for the engagement plan. As part of that audience, a Custom Report needs to be created.

You may not have security access to perform these tasks. Please contact your manager for more information.
This procedure will show you how to add an engagement conversation to student/prospect in the system.
This procedure will show you how to create a student prospect that Walk-In or Call- In.

Determine if student is a non-applicant
Ask for permission to add to our student prospect database
This procedure will show you how to create a student prospect for unrequested transcripts and unrequested test scores.
To Create a Student Prospect in Workday using the iPad.
The purpose of this job aid is to document conversations with the student through Student Recruiting Note. Only Supervisors will have access to edit the Engagement Conversations.