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This job aid is used only if there are no changes to the course title, course ID, student contact hours, credit hours, course description, or pre/co-requisites AND 20% or less of the student learning outcomes have been modified, deleted, or added. (For example, if there are a total of 60 learning outcomes and 12 or fewer outcomes have been modified, deleted, or added, then that constitutes as 20% or less). Five-year course reviews are conducted in the course inventory. Workday routes courses f
The purpose of this job aid to assist employee on how to create a change order in workday. A change order should only be created by the original requestor or the buyer and is created to make amendments to a purchase order that has been issued.
Learn how the Job Change and Change of Location process in Workday is used when an employee changes location.
How do I reset my password if I forgot my password?
How can you reset your password if you know your password or not, on and off campus.
How to change a display name to a nickname or preferred name
Did you know you can change your preferred name in Workday and your name will then be displayed in all other systems at the College?
Changing my Zoom profile picture
Explore the settings in the BC One Access user profile.
The purpose of this job aid is to assist the primary manager in requesting a compensation change (e.g. cell phone, internet, shift differential, salary change, etc.) and viewing compensation/compensation history for his/her employee in Workday.
How to change the size of text and Icons on your device
When you do a search in the Search field at the top in Seahawk Student, the default setting is, “Common,” which will only show Broward College employees. If you put in a student ID, nothing will appear. In order for students to appear, you need to change your preferences to, “All of Workday,” and then you’ll be able to find the person with the search feature.
The Job Change – Transfer, Promote or Change Job process in Workday is used when an employee changes primary position due to:
• Transfer
• Lateral/Demotion/Promotion
• Full-time to Part-time/Part-time to Full-time
• Regular to Interim/Interim to Regular/Temporary to Regular
This process must be initiated by the new manager that employee will report to after the change.