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How to update VPN client to add a missing connection.
Learn how to create job alerts of internal job openings that are of interest to you as a current Broward College employee. Current employees can create criteria for these alerts and you will be notified by email and receive a Workday notification when new jobs are posted that meet those criteria.
How to access LinkedIn from BC One Access
How to access LinkedIn from BC One Access
This list has all the approved software at Broward College. If a particular application is not on the list, the user requesting it, must submit a software approval form. The form will then be reviewed by the Campus Technology team, Networking and Security. Once approved, it will be added to this list.
Change expired password, using their own device
Change expired password outside the Broward College Network
Update a website, view site owners or read web standards.
These are the Broward College approved desktops and laptops. The Information Technology department only purchases personal computers from Lenovo computers and Microsoft. Users can purchase these directly from Workday, without the assistance of IT.
Learn how to display or hide an employee's gender pronoun in Workday
Learn how to complete, view, create and print an Adjunct Mini Portfolio Evaluation Rubric.
How to back up your data to OneDrive
Learn about the Sick Leave Pool benefit and how to enroll in the program.
Learn how managers and faculty members can complete, view, create and print a Faculty Classroom Observation Form.
For Managers and Adjunct Faculty

Learn how to launch, complete, view, create and print an Adjunct Faculty Classroom Observation Form.
Learn how a manager can end a contingent worker contract in Workday. Once the term assignment is completed or if the worker has resigned/terminated, an End Contingent Worker Contract process must be completed in Workday. (To convert contingent worker to employee, contact HR-Records).
Learn how to request a return from leave of absence in Workday.
Learn how to add or update your Workday professional profile.
Learn how to create a Spend Authorization for Tuition Reimbursement in Workday. A spend authorization is a pre-approval that must be created and approved in Workday by eligible employees prior to course start date.
Learn how to create a position in Workday
Learn how the Job Change and Change of Location process in Workday is used when an employee changes location.
A calibration is used to ensure performance and to assess potential consistently across the organization. The ultimate goal is for managers and/or Human Resources (Talent Partner) to review all workers ratings, discuss and adjust those ratings, if necessary, and use the calibrated information to develop plans that will effectively manage talent and establish succession planning across the organization.

Calibration is launched by the Human Resources (Talent Partner) in Workday. Once launched
Learn how managers can use Workday to assess worker potential for their direct report(s).
Learn how managers can add goal(s) to employees. It is important that managers discuss goal setting with their subordinates prior to adding goals in Workday. Once goals are added, a notification will be sent to the employee’s Workday notification box and outlook inbox notifying them that a goal was established.
Learn how to add an Academic Appointment for a Contingent Worker (International Faculty)