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How to login BC One Access
Steps to download Microsoft Office as an Student from mail.broward.edu - Students can install 5 times, and license is good as long as user Is actively registered for classes at Broward College.
How to you reset your password whether you know your password or not.
Students have access to various hardware and software discounts. Microsoft, Lenovo, Adobe and more.
How to Re-Register One-Login Protect App on a new device (smartphone) if you have Security Questions.
Please use this Knowledge Base article for TECHNOLOGY information required during the COVD-19 situation. We have information on how to request assistance, tutorials on using our applications and more.
Please review this video for a quick tutorial on how to access Zoom from Desire2Learn (D2L) so you can attend a class.
This article will help students get started with their Broward College e-mail accounts.
How to order transcripts online?
This list has all the approved software at Broward College. If a particular application is not on the list, the user requesting it, must submit a software approval form. The form will then be reviewed by the Campus Technology team, Networking and Security. Once approved, it will be added to this list.
How to login to BC One Access for the first time from off campus
Tutor.com/ Student Guide
This article will explain how to send and receive encrypted email to protect confidential or private information
Document listing application tiles accessible through Broward College One Access
These are the Broward College approved desktops and laptops. The Information Technology department only purchases personal computers from Lenovo computers and Microsoft. Users can purchase these directly from Workday, without the assistance of IT.
This article will assist users to change their password while working remotely with a Broward College laptop or desktop.
Here faculty and staff can find the latest personal discounts Broward College has to offer. These are not to be installed on BC equipment, these discounts are for personal use.
Current employees interested in applying for another position at Broward College must update their Career Profile in Workday prior to applying for a position. When updating your professional profile, you will be prompted to enter your job history, education, skills and certifications. Applicants can also attach required document(s) pertaining to the position.
Prohibited Agreements with Subsidiaries and Affiliates of Huawei Technologies Company and ZTE Corporation
Please use this Knowledge Base article for TECHNOLOGY information required during the COVD-19 situation. We have information on remote access, telephone assistance, etc.
Find Username and Email Address
Steps to download software from the apps store
Are you receiving a "Not Authorized" message when accessing the Email tool or Instant Messages tool in D2L?
Update a website, view site owners or read web standards.
Update your personal email