How to Re-Register the BC One Access Protect on a New Device without Security Questions.

Note: To Re-Register OneLogin Protect you will need to be at a computer and have your smart phone/device available.

If you do not have security questions set up, you will need to set up Broward Security Questions and make the questions your Default Security Factor.

Log in to BC One Access, click on your name in the right-hand corner, Select Profile.

Click on the Add Factor


Select Broward Security Questions

Select the Security Questions from the drop down, select questions that you will remember the answers to, select Continue

To make the security questions your Default 2-Factor Authentication, click over the three dots  option will appear; “Set as Primary.



Your security questions will now be your default 2-Factor Authentication


Once you have made the Broward Security Questions your Primary Authentication, you will need to Remove your Broward Protect.

To Remove the Broward Protect, click over the three dots  option will appear

Clink over the remove option




Now to add OneLogin Protect on a New Device, click Add Factor

If do not have the Protect App on your new device, you will need to install the OneLogin Protect App on your device (cell phone)

When the app is installed, come back to the screen and click Activate.

When using the barcode scanner; scan the QR Code that appears on your PC. The box displays a green checkmark will appear, success!


If you can't scan the code, click pair using manual entry




If you want the Broward Protect app as your 2-Factor Authentication, click over the three dots  options will appear

“Set as Primary”.


Select Continue


Your Default method of Security Factor is now Broward Protect App.

Each time you sign in to Broward College One Access from off-campus, you will be prompted on your smartphone to Accept or Deny the login.

Note: If you receive a notification on your smartphone and you are not attempting to log

in, Choose Deny and immediately change your password.  This is your added layer of security.