Tutor.com/ Student Guide


1. Signing On
Go to your D2L course or MyBC and login to your account.Click on Tutor.com

2.  Choosing Your Topic/Subject

Use the dropdown menu under Topic, and choose your topic.

Use the dropdown menu under Subject, and choose the matching subject.

Click on box if you want voice-chat capability.

In order to maximize the time available, prepare for a session by having a particular concept or question that you would like to work on with the tutor. Tutors can help you with questions from your assignment, proofreading a paper or reviewing a concept from class.

Type in a question like, “Can I receive help on my thesis statement now?”

Attach a file if you have started your work.

3.  Working with a Tutor

When you enter the classroom, you will see a chat window on the right-hand side of the screen and a whiteboard.You can:

  • Talk with a tutor by typing into the chat box and drawing out a problem together on the whiteboard.
  • Choose TEXT EDITOR at the top of whiteboard and copy/paste your document into the TEXT EDITOR.In this mode, both you and the tutor can interact in real time within the document.
  • Choose SHARE FILE at the top of whiteboard and upload your document.The tutor will share the document once he/she has opened it.In this mode, only the tutor will be able to highlight and make side comments in the document.
  • Choose Graphing Calculator if you would like to enter an equation or expression using the mathematics palette and view the graph in real time.

    Following your session, you will be able to retrieve a transcript of your session and any attached documents under MY ACCOUNT in the MY SESSIONS area.  You can print this transcript to use in editing your essay.

4.  Personalized Features

We want your Tutor.com account to be your own personalized learning environment. With this in mind, we have given you a space to save your favorite tutors, retrieve your archived sessions and essay reviews as well as a file storage locker to store documents. You can access these features any time without counting against your allotted tutoring time.

5.  Feedback and Assistance

Your feedback is important to us and to your school. After each session, please fill out the post-session survey and offer us feedback about your experience. You can also save, replay, email and print your session.


6.  If your instructor requires printed proof of your tutoring session, please follow these steps:

  • Go to My Accountf.Print (only page 1 of) your transcript or save to a PDF file
  • Select Sessionsg.Attach page or file with Final Draft of your essay
  • Open your Session Transcript
  • Choose Print
  • Choose Printer as PDF
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