D2L Pinning a Class from the Course Selector (Student)

My Courses Widget

From the D2L My Home page, below the News and Events, you will see the My Courses widget with a list of your pinned classes.

Figure: The My Course widget with three classes.
The My Courses widget will show a graphical image of your class.

What if my class is not listed in the My Courses widget?

There are a few reasons why your class is not listed:

  1. Registration: From MyBC, verify that your class is listed on your schedule. If you recently registered, it may take up to 60 minutes for the class to appear in D2L.
  2. Withdrawal: From MyBC, check your grade status to see if you have been withdrawn from the class. If you were dropped and feel that was in error, contact your instructor for more information. 
  3. Unpinned: If your class has ended, not yet started, or is not pinned, you should be able to add it back to the My Courses widget. From the My Courses widget, click on the View All Courses link. You can pin and unpin classes from this page - the next section will walk you through the steps. 

All Courses - Course Selector

All your past, current, and future classes will be listed on the All Courses, course selector, page. From this page, you can pin a class to add it to the My Courses widget or unpin a class to remove from the My Courses widget.

Navigating the All Courses Page


Figure: Pin a class by selecting Pin from the ellipsis dropdown menu.
Pinned classes will have a dark gray pushpin icon. Unpinned classes have a light gray pushpin icon.
  1. From the D2L home page, click on the View All Courses link, located within the My Courses widget.
    Figure: The View All Courses link in the My Course widget.
    Figure: The View All Courses link in the My Course widget.
  2. From the All Courses page:
    • At the top of the page is a search box. If you are enrolled in a lot of classes or want to quickly find one class, you can for the class by course ID (for example, MAC1033, ENC1101, etc.) or search by the six-digit reference number.
    • Below the search box, the page is divided into two sections: Pinned and Unpinned.
      • Pinned section lists all the classes currently pinned on the D2L Home page in the My Courses widget.
      • Unpinned section contains the classes not displayed in the My Courses widget.
      • The All Courses page displaying the search bar, pinned, and unpinned classes.
  3. Unpinning: From the Pinned section, click the pushpin icon. The class will move down to the Unpinned section and will no longer appear on the My Course widget. At times, you may need to refresh the web page to see the change take effect.
  4. Pinning: From the Unpinned section, hover your mouse over the top right corner of the course image. An ellipsis icon (three dots '...') will appear. Click on the ellipsis and click Pin from the dropdown menu. The class will move up to the Pinned section and will also appear on the My Course widget. At times, you may need to refresh the D2L Home page before the class appears in the widget.



So, you've verified your registration in MyBC, you haven't been withdrawn from the class, and the class is neither listed in the Course Selector nor the All Courses page. Jot down the Course ID (for example, MAC1033, ENC1101, etc.), the six-digit Course Reference Number, and head on over to the D2L service page to submit a support ticket.

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