D2L Email - How it works

A key component to our success in this new remote learning environment has been a commitment of our students, faculty and staff to be extra-attentive to e-mail communication.

Importantly, the college would like to remind students, faculty and staff that the Desire to Learn D2L mail system is internal to D2L and is completely separate from the employee and student BC email.  In different venues, we’ve experienced some confusion as to the differences in these email systems.

  • D2L has its own mail system for faculty and students to communicate in their online course shells – it is an email tool that exists only within the D2L system.
  • Emails cannot be sent out of D2L to the faculty and advisor’s BC email, or any other email like Gmail or Yahoo mail.
  • Emails cannot be sent from outside into D2L. Students can’t send their Gmail emails into the D2L email system.
  • Faculty can enable forwarding of D2L mail to BC e-mail, so they do not miss student D2L emails (see details below).
  • Faculty can email a whole class through D2L and in My Work (BC Connect)- Class Roster -Importantly students need to respond to their faculty through the appropriate system from which the message was generated.  

Our Instructional Design and BC Online certainly provide any additional information on e-mail as needed. 

Please visit our D2L Mail Forwarding tutorial for easy steps on setting up mail forwarding, so students are always alerted of messages and emails within D2L.


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